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The Pyrenean Shepherd (known in [wiki base=”EN”]France[/wiki] originally, and also in non-AKC registries such as the UKC, as the Berger des Pyrénées, and in Spain as the Pastor de los Pirineos) is a medium-small breed of dog native to the Pyrenees mountains in southern France and northern Spain, bred since at least medieval times for herding livestock, especially sheep. It worked as an active herder together with the Great Pyrenees, another mountain dog, which acted as the flock’s guardian.



The Pyrenean Shepherd is the smallest of the French and Spanish herding dogs. The breed comes in two varieties: Rough-faced and smooth-Faced. Rough-faced males are 15 12 to 18 12 inches (39 to 47 cm) at the withers, and rough-faced females are 15 to 18 inches (38 to 46 cm). Smooth-faced males are 15 12 to 21 inches (39 to 53 cm) at the withers, and smooth-faced females are 15 12 to 20 12 inches (39 to 52 cm) inches at the withers. The weight is between 15–32 pounds (7–15 kg), aiming for lithe and muscular, never fat.


The Pyrenean Shepherd was designed to be a sheepdog, and as such is full of the same sort of energy that other herding dogs have, but in a surprisingly small package. This adaptive dog wants to, and can, do all the jobs on the field, and is a natural herder. A dog that needs a job, its cleverness makes it ideal for other work and dog sports such as [wiki title=”Flyball” base=”EN”]flyball[/wiki], [wiki title=”Obedience_trial” base=”EN”]competitive obedience[/wiki], and [wiki title=”Dog_agility” base=”EN”]agility[/wiki]. This dog is good with, and protective of, children with whom they were brought up.


Pyrenean Shepherds need only a weekly brush, as well as regular checks for burrs or mats, to keep their coat in good condition. They also need a lot of space indoors, and space to exercise outdoors.

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